Introduction of TheologyofTruth!

This blog is a theological conversation about the church and its degradation throughout the centuries it has existed. The ekklesia of the New Testament was much different than our current organization. The church has become an industrialized money-generating machine that continues to operate outside the protected confines of God’s grace.

However, because of God’s forgiving nature and His ongoing desire for redemption for all His children, we can pursue forgiveness for our wrongs and seek His guidance. We must stop our attitude of tolerance with the world and its evils and begin seeking God in our walk. Compromise leads to death and persecution leads to salvation. Understand friends, it is only by the blood of Jesus that we can receive eternal life.

Start changing the way you view life as a believer and stop compromising your faith. Material things bring material happiness but Jesus Christ brings eternal life. Every believer is the church, the true ekklesia of Jesus. Face the world with hope for others to come to the realization they are dying and desperately need healed. Offer them the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Inform them of the reality of the persecution they will face. Last, show them by example the life they must live in Jesus.


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