The Dawning of the Ages!

     Aquarius–“this is the dawning of the ages”–a song originally created by the Mamas and the Papas then redone in the more popular rendition of the 60’s by The Fifth Dimension reveals the change in our culture’s perception of belief and spiritualism.  No longer would spiritualism be known by one’s relationship to God or pious observance of biblical principles.  Instead spiritualism has crested the hill of the religious path and has been approaching the attitude of ridding oneself of any inward importance and finding identity in a greater cosmic good through prosperity, peace, and planetary transformation. 

     The three P’s of New Age belief bring about a search for absolution through collective humanism.  The pursuit of God however brings about a much different perspective in what I have titled the three R’s–Repentance, Return, and Renewal.  We must repent of our sinful ways, return to God and His ways for us, and then renewal in our lives can occur.  This belief demands an absolute dependence on God for strength and “enlightenment.”  New Age offers enlightenment through divination, occult practices, and demonic observance through astronomy, astrology, and magic practices.  God condemns this behavior in Deuteronomy 18:9-13 and other passages in His Word to us. 

     It is the lie of the enemy that has convinced us that truth is what we concoct it to be.  Reality is anything we want it to be and as an individual, we make our own reality and truth.  If the standard is determined by whatever side of the bed we wake up on, then we will most definitely face eventual collapse of our society on a global level.  Chaos is mentioned in the Bible as being the removal of the Holy Spirit’s control as He departs from His constant protection of the universe’s order.  It is during this removal that we will begin to notice issues arise that even the stoutest of us have balked at in the past.  The world as we know it will explode into a state of chaotic lawlessness. 

     Post-modernism has placed a feeling of emptiness in our civilization by creating an “every man for himself” mentality from which most of the current culture has adopted their spiritual views and beliefs.  This is relative to the bigger picture in that what remains is chaotic lawlessness.  Despite the world’s idea of individual fulfillment through fleshly pleasure and lust (the broader sense of the word encompassing more than just a sexual nature), God must fulfill His own plan and prophetic claims that identify much calamity to come.  We are already noticing a dramatic increase in the calamity of the day and we will begin to observe a disturbing trend that will become more and more prominent as time progressively moves forward. 

     New Age is the embodiment of this movement from spirituality pertaining to one God with absolute truth (Christianity) to everything is god with personal interpretation of what truth is (New Age).  More importantly, New Age is further intensified in the post-modernistic trend of our culture.  There is only one solution to this

The Peace Symbol

dilemma, the three R’s of the Bible–Repent of our sinful practices, Return to God and Renew our faith in Him and our relationship with Him.  Then we will be healed and our salvation will be secured.  

     2 Chronicles 7:14–“….and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sins and will heal their land” (NASB)      



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2 responses to “The Dawning of the Ages!

  1. I have enjoyed your blog immensely and believe that you are an individual who understands the true path of righteousness. I would appreciate additional communication from you in the future as well, perhaps we can assist one another.

  2. Robert O. Adair

    Atheists characterise Christianity as “faith” by which they mean a blind unreasoning belief, lacking all evidence and confirmation, something believed in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Then they proceed to assert that God cannot perform miracles and that He doesn’t answer prayers. Oddly enough, just the opposite is true. It is their unbelief that is based on blind faith. God does answer prayers, as tens of millions of faithful witnesses can testify! Miracles happen every day and have never been so well documented as by medical records. “God can’t perform miracles because it would violate natural physical laws”, according to them. Here is my automobile, the motor chugging away according to all sorts of natural laws, my mechanic can adjust it, replace parts, rebuild it, etc. These geniuses are telling me God can’t do something my auto mechanic can do. But hey, nobody knows anything but them, they are the Voice of Reason. LOL Christianity is based on Truth not egoism and we enter in through the low door of confessing our sins and acknowledging the true and living God who is “the way, the truth and the life”!

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