God laid out the world long ago in a fashion we cannot comprehend.  In addition to creating the earth, He also created life to furnish the earth with; humanity, the animals, and vegetation to reproduce and recycle our air and offer sustenance to both mammal races (Genesis 1).  It was God who decided who played what role and who would serve who.  It was God who saw fit to fashion mankind from simple dust of the earth.  And it was God who decided that dust was not simply “alive” without His own breath of life so He breathed into the dust creation His breath and mankind became Adam; a living breathing functioning creature in God’s own image (Genesis 2:7). 

     God created mankind in His image.  This one line of truth provides much insight into how our world came about but there are many lines of truth covering how the culmination of the world concludes.  Believing in the creation story comes easy due to limited resources providing evidence of the creation but believing in a single story about how this creation comes to an end, well this is a bit more difficult and unsure.  Do we believe that the end is already here and simply needs to see fruition before finalizing in completion?   Or do we believe that, while the end is near it is not yet here? 

     According to Matthew 24:6-14, even after hearing of wars and rumors of wars, the end is still not yet here.  We shall experience tribulation, death, and hate from all nations because of our belief in Jesus.  Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.  Many of our society will fall away and betray one another and hate one another.  False prophets will rise up and mislead many of the elect.  Lawlessness is going to increase greatly and the love of many people will grow cold.  It is not until the gospel is preached to the whole world that the end comes finally. 

     This is promising and encouraging for many different reasons.  We are in the last days of the groaning world.  It groans and grumbles under the pressure of sin and this becomes visible in the ecological problems and calamity we see today.  Global warming is not something of man’s doing.  Despite many claims to this end, God has control over the universe even down to the very temperature of His earth’s core and atmosphere above the earth’s core as well.  Several different books from the Apocrypha reveal that in these end days the earths seasons will begin to change and the climate will alter too.  A fervent student of Scripture should show no surprise to this information then.

     We have been noticing wars and rumors of wars more lately in the last 20+ years than ever before.  While war has always been a vice of the enemy used to murder and control the world powers, we will notice a disturbing trend in the increase of war all over the world on a global scale today.  Ushered in by the introduction of globalism to the world scene, war has become almost mainstay to the daily scene communal news.  You will also notice a very obvious increase in lawlessness in every culture and society worldwide.  The criminal explosion mixed with the explosion of immorality in every culture has thoroughly permeated the entire world leaving no place unscathed by its effects. 

     You need not look far to realize earthquakes have become almost secondary to the other issues demanding so much face time in our daily life.  Yet they are present everywhere and seem to be increasing in intensity as time progresses.  Famine has become a global pandemic and receives very little attention from our society today.  You will hear little tidbits here and there but it seems that famine and starvation have not maintained the same public appeal they used to demand from the previous one-world power cultures.  Maybe it is the globalism effect or maybe some other element involved but there is little attention ever drawn any more to this dilemma. 

     We have begun to observe the most emotionally damaging of all trends today and that is the falling away of our family structure and morals.  Betrayal seems to almost be the norm in business practices and strategy.  Where once betrayal carried great negative connotations, it now seems to be a regular and acceptable norm in our culture and society.  Especially in America, you will observe a very selfish pattern of relations occurring all over.  Harkened by post-modernism, betrayal comes as no surprise where once it was deplorable to even mention.  It seems the love of all has grown cold.  You are hard pressed to find even one honest pastor or Christian leader today in our culture who has everyone else’s wellbeing in mind instead of their own selfish motives.  Family love has all but disappeared, divorce is on the rise and is more acceptable today than ever before.  It is almost inconceivable to hear of divorce not occurring in a marriage at least once in a lifetime.  To observe the coldness of love in our society, just look around at the poor and needy in our towns, on our roadways, under our overpasses.  They swarm the city streets looking for something to fill their bellies with desperation for someone to simply care about them and take notice to their plight.  Love within the church is no exception to any social rule and almost finds normality within the institution of church which is so grevious it burns my heart to think about it.

     False prophets are everywhere today within the church deceiving the elect in everything they do.  Preaching Jesus has become cliché and to hear one speak about Jesus while injecting subjective agenda is the norm of our day and age.  Jesus’ original mandate to preach the Gospel has been disregarded and changed into the “feel good” sermon of happiness and prosperity through pursuit of wealth and good fortune in life.  The Isaiah 58 message of tending to the poor and needy has become obsolete and instead you will hear a message of tending to one’s personal needs and finding absolution within one’s own inner self satisfaction.  2 Timothy 3:5 tells us men will hold to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power. 

     Peter and John cover false prophets extensively yet you never hear of this pandemic in our church message today.  The message of the day is self-satisfaction and self-success when Jesus preached the opposite in the Synoptic Gospels providing depth and insight into why we were to give this lifestyle up and pursue caring for others and doing His will, not our own.  One simply cannot argue this fact of truth but in today’s culture of post-modernistic beliefs arguing truth no longer matters.  Truth is what the individual wants it to be or believes it to be regardless of its historical precedence in credibility.  Reality is whatever an individual believes, not what has truly occurred in their life.

     We see a great effort to spread the gospel to the whole world all over yet little progress in reaching those people with the truth.  The gospel has become whatever denominational doctrine preaches it.  It is the gospel according to that specific church body including their biased and subjective belief system.  This gospel has become tainted half-truths of mixed motivations.  Deception runs rampant within our ecclesiastical walls.  The message of today is not even in the Bible but instead taken completely out of context to be manipulated into a twisted and skewed message of false hope when our world is falling to pieces around us.  Jeremiah 23:9-40 details the plan of the false prophet giving a full disclosure of their tricks and true intentions to deceive the people through tickling their ears with desirable stories. 

     This is not the gospel of Jesus Christ every believer was mandated to preach.  The gospel of the Bible is simple.  “The Kingdom of God has come and is upon us–repent from your sins at once and receive salvation of eternal life!”  No surprises, no hidden agendas, no manipulation or deception.  Just a simple message to those who desire a true change in their lives.  Jesus says in Matthew 10:34-36 that He did not come to bring peace to earth but instead He came to bring a sword.  He came to set man against his father, daughter against mother, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.  A man’s enemies will be his own household.  If these are the very words of our Savior and He preached this as His message, why do we hear the opposite in today’s church culture?  Jeremiah 23:16-17 clearly establishes that this message of peace is false hope!  Yes, it is right here in the very Bible that we read.  So then we should find no surprise in the false message of false hope denying the truth and claiming pursuit of peace and wealth is godly pursuit.  Stop allowing the false prophets to deceive you my friends.  Listen to God and hear Him today.


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One response to “The DAY OF RECKONING!

  1. Constituo

    I often wonder how “christians” are able to justify the increased wars, and “crime” and then I remember. They started them, government and religion, that is your problem.

    The drug war, useless and absolutely unrealistic, it prohibits PERSONAL choice, something you christians do not believe in obviously.
    The war on “terrorism” currently the tally is over 250,000 INNOCENT (little brown people in foreign countries by USA hands) but its okay right?

    The odds are this will never be allowed to remain here, but its okay- because I would expect nothing less from a war loving state embracing hypocrite.

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