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This was from a post to my school discussion during my recent bachelor’s degree through Mid-America Christian University regarding proper and correct administration of the church in the pastoral study program.  We were all asked what good administration would constitute and many stated that rock music and bands playing properly managed are good ideas for worship.  Because I am a fan of biblical worship–in spirit and truth, I posted this in order to provide a more biblically supported style of worship which is important to understand–see Mount Sinai example of false worship and the resulting affect of failing to obey God. 
My Post in the Discussion Board in: The Role of the Pastor in Church Administration.
     I will add to your statement even more by expounding on this further….worship in the scriptures was never supposed to include music or instruments.  Scripture reveals that this “enticement” or seduction was what caused the fall of Eve and then Adam in the Garden of Eden (  You must research the scriptures in depth utilizing the elements of study that some of us have learned in previous classes in this course (degree program). 

     Conducting proper and accurate (unbiased and objective study) of the Greek and Hebrew sources (words, meanings) of the original scriptures will reveal this truth to worship.  Mount Sinai reveals the reality of the failure of Israel to worship God as He intended–by obeying Him and worshipping in spirit and truth; spirit by worship from personal or individual to God and truth through the Word of God-the original Ten Commandments.  When God first gave the Ten Commandments to Moses to give to Israel they were to obey them and this was the “rest” of God or worship that was nothing like that of the surrounding pagan nations.  This pagan worship was characterized by music, instruments, and dancing (seductive movements not orchestrated or allowed by God) and resulted in self-centered idolatry, sexual immorality, and worse.  God wants His chosen people to worship in spirit and truth without all the noisy and careless idolatrous elements. 

     So after Moses went up the mountain to secure the tablets to be prepared by God, Israel slipped into idolatry and became absorbed in pagan practices (influenced by their interaction in Egypt during their 400 year-long stay as slaves; with early Egyptian gods and worship rituals).  They first formed a calf from gold and silver.  They then began to worship this calf (resembling the Egyptian gods) and played music.  Dancing ensued which always leads to seduction of the human mind (there is a part of the brain that is captivated by music regardless of religious views which has been discovered in several studies by medical professionals).  Then, nakedness and immoral sexual activity began to occur.  It was at this point that God informed Moses of this sin which led to 23,000 being killed by the loyal “false worship”-free Levites.  After this God then added many hundred more laws (Levitical laws, ceremonial laws, etc.) which He intentionally made impossible to follow without failing to serve as a lesson to the Israelites for their sin of false worship and disobedience.  He made it quite clear that because they refused to obey His first simple laws (original Ten Commandments or the covenant of grace) they would not be allowed to enter His “rest” by being required to adhere to the now many more laws (levitical, etc.) or covenant of the law.  This wasn’t remedied until later through Jesus Christ! 

     Jesus as a part of God’s redemption plan for mankind since Eden became our rest through grace once again offered to us by our merciful and loving God.  Scriptures contain several more markers of the people of God and it is not the worship of the apostate church-false worship or idolatry but instead the worship of God through observing His holy days (Sabbath [saturday not sunday], feast of first fruits; feast of tabernacles; and feast of unleavened bread or Passover–all of which correlate over to their release from Egypt).  Daniel 3 reveals the current situation of our church today-the fiery furnace story.  A quick summary reveals this wicked idolatry of false worship known as the pop culture of Christianity. 

     Briefly, the three Jewish magi who were assistants to Daniel were ordered to bow when the music (via instruments) were played to the golden image of the king-Nebuchadnezzar or be thrown into a fiery furnace.  This directly correlates over to our current church music idolatry–band plays and entertains through music, dancing, and performance-based worship and the congregation or “spectators” respond by raising up upon being directed by the band to rise and worship.  Then they worship the beast by directing their seemingly Godly worship to the band and moving around in cultish and ritualistically pagan worship ways of possession calling it the Holy Spirit.  There is no biblical proof or scriptural evidence supporting this “possession” by the Holy Spirit but that will take us away from the subject of administration of church programs or correct worship.  So this worship (false worship of the locusts representing traveling or roving performers for money and evil influence–see Revelation 9) represents the following example through music signaling the time to “bow to the image.”   

     Each element serves as a direct correlation to our current world situation i.e. the three Jewish magi are the faithful remnant preserved by God throughout history of the redemption plan of history.  Nebuchadnezzar represents the enemy or Satan attempting to get us to bow to His image otherwise known as worshipping the beast.  The Chaldeans who complained against the faithful Jews who refused to bow upon hearing the music represent those false prophets that try everything to enforce and encourage this demonic worship of idols.  All those who bowed upon hearing the music played are those who will appear before the Lord claiming to have done these things in honest effort but they will hear “depart from me.” 

     Upon being given another opportunity (represents the lengths the enemy will go to in order to win the worship of man) the three Jews replied to the threat of the fiery furnace this, “If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.  But if not, be it known unto thee, O King, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up!”  This is the endurance of the saints as Paul always refers to it in his epistles in the New Testament, the endurance through trials and temptations to worship the beast which is direct worship of Satan who has been trying to incite this worship since the Garden of Eden through enticing and seducing methods which is known as music and dancing during worship.  Satan even attempted to have Jesus Himself worship him in return for the whole world (see the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days and nights).  Lastly, the fiery furnace represents the trials and tribulation that we are experiencing, will continue to experience, and soon will be victorious over if we choose to ignore and flee from this false worship that has so captivated the body of Jesus Christ.  If we continue to follow Jesus regardless of the unpopular stance of the apostate church then we have nothing to fear because His burden is easy and His yoke is light. 🙂  What a wonderful offer from our Savior and Lord!!!  🙂  

     Revelation 9 reveals these truths by discussing the angel (Satan) and the key (ability to deceive through false worship) to the bottomless pit (also Hades or Hell can be determined to refer to the designation of those who fall victim to false worship.  Further, it describes the locusts (people who entertain to deceive or market God through false worship offering “popular worship” and loud attractive styles through seductive methods), and they ascend from the pit to deceive the world which they have and are currently doing in full force.  The power means (Greek 1849-exousia: strength, force, efficiency) the ability to deceive with efficiency in numbers and with strength.  The “seal of God” is none other than the Passover or more descriptive–those who keep the holy days and sabbath as God commanded to remain perpetual and continue throughout the ages even into the continuation leading to the New Jerusalem to come (see Isaiah 66:18-24).  Those with the seal are not to be killed but only those without the seal of God which are tortured (through partaking in false worship).  Lastly, the king over the locusts (performers who deceive through seduction of music and dancing posing as angels of light [2 Corinthians 11:13-15]  is none other again than the Devil himself!

     So we can discover truths in the living breathing Word of God that free us from the trap of the enemy by studying in depth, which is exactly how God truly desires us to study.  Again, I will quickly reference Isaiah 58:6-7 as true worship and then follow up with Matthew 25:31-46 (Jesus’ own words which fulfilled Isaiah’s words previously).  Isaiah gives Israel (now all who choose to worship God in spirit and truth; see Jeremiah 31:31-34) the instructions of true worship to once again bring them into obedience to God and Matthew reveals the words of Jesus as a fulfillment of this reality of true worship as that thing which ensures those a place in the New Kingdom with everlasting life.  Hebrews 4:1-13 explains the “rest” of God that He was attempting to offer Israel after coming out of Egypt into the wilderness.  However, they refused to take up this offer thereby causing the greatest fall into apostasy which has continued in the church today.  Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and dies to self to live for Him receives this “rest” as a sign or “mark” of God.  You will know these men by there fruits (observance of God’s chosen holy days and sabbath rest as well as true worship–in spirit and truth.  How wonderful is our God!   

     Please read this with an open mind and willing heart as it can be difficult to understand at first given the very prevalent and real situation of false worship known as rock music or the pop culture of the church.
     You must research the scriptures in depth utilizing the elements of study that some of us have learned in previous classes in this course (degree program).  Without searching the scriptures in-depth and dedicating your time to study these kinds of truths cannot and will not reveal themselves.  God tells us that He reveals Himself to those who are willing to understand.  Jesus constantly says, “Let those with ears hear!”  And Revelation tells us that “Let the man with wisdom understand the number of the beast!”  So we know that it requires study which is included in the administration of the church.  Pastors are the front-line of the scriptures or at least should be (see Acts 6:1-7 which reveals the very true and often overlooked or even ignored reality of true ministry of the church which was never supposed to change because of worship being in spirit and truth).  It clearly resembles preaching the Word of God and prayer in addition to healing known as the ministry of the word (v. 4).  This is why we see the number of converts in that time being added daily to the church and the numbers in our time dwindling continually.  You will see the numbers of converts increase exponentially if you administer correct programs in the church.  We must conduct correct administration which is correct and in line with God’s true plan for His church.  The Word of God is the most important worship available and the only kind that He will accept leading to His rest–the Sabbath.



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