Demons Among Us!

     My wife experienced spiritual oppression four days ago when her tooth that is broken started hurting.  Under normal circumstances, I would expect natural causes to initiate the pain.  However, after hours of extreme pain in her tooth, I began to quietly pray for her….I could really “feel” the pressure spiritually as I waged spiritual warfare against the demonic influence.  After a couple hours of intense pain and about 30 minutes of concentrated prayer of healing, she suddenly looked over at me and exclaimed with a smile on her face that the pain was GONE!  She reiterated again that not only was the pain completely subsided, but it also had left abruptly after the prayer.  I informed her that I had been praying the entire time and she confirmed she also was battling the demon with prayer.  Upon hearing our victory over the spirits of oppression, our oldest daughter, Nataliah exclaimed excitedly, “I was praying too daddy!”.

     A couple of days later my two older children had just returned from their biological mother’s house after staying the weekend.  Every time they return from visiting their mother, they always require intense prayer.  This is because the demonic oppression at the other location is so strong and powerful without proper defense that the influence becomes very imbedded in my children’s behavior. Prior to understanding the reality of demonic oppression I would interpret their behavior as normal under the circumstances given the harshness of my divorce.  However, now that I understand the presence of demons in every aspect of our lives, I have come to accept this reality and I strengthen my spiritual armor daily through prayer and biblical study. 

     So after a couple hours of dealing with the “normal” behavior of both my children, I started to notice my son was becoming increasingly irritable and very antagonistic towards everyone in the house with little to no cause.  After several hours of this behavior it was approaching the time for my children to prepare for bed. I could not knowingly allow my son to go to bed in this state of mind–spiritually shackled by demonic oppression.  I called him into the family room and instructed him to open his Bible so we could read a passage from it. 

     When you confess the Word you are confirming your faith in the power and authority of Jesus Christ which defeats the demons and renders them incapable of oppression and control over your spirit.  We started to read from 1 John where he says, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!”. Upon completing that reading I instructed my son to read a passage exclaiming that he believes in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord and accepts His authority alone over his life. His following response is frightfully true. 

     After reading this passage, I then instructed my son to read it out loud.  He informed me that he couldn’t.  I again instructed him to read it aloud to which he again replied that he did not know the words.  Taken back with surprise, I instructed him to just repeat the verse as I read it to him.  He then glaringly faced me squarely, crossed his arms and stated. “No, I won’t!”.  At this point I had no doubts as to what I was dealing with.  My wife could not believe his reaction and instantly abrupt response.  I then prayed with him and after having him repeat the words I voiced, I instructed him to go to bed. 

     After reeling from the shocking realization that I had just encountered a demonic spirit yet again with my children, I inquired of my wife what her perception was of the recent occurrence involving my son.  She informed me that when our son began to flare up before reading the verses with me, her tooth began to immediately experience pain.  However, it just as quickly subsided upon his exit from the room.  She was very intrigued as a result of this experience and realized how real and present demonic activity is. 

     Today as we arrived at a local DMV in Houston Texas to obtain a new license, we walked up to the sidewalk, which is directly outside the building, and my wife began to immediately experience the pain in her tooth again.  Upon entering the building and after waiting in line for hours, we observed several different nationalities of people waiting to be seen.  Houston is extremely integrated as far as race and ethnicity is concerned so nationalities are commonplace here.  Her tooth pain increases in intensity every time someone (no particular race) walks by.  But when we leave, so does the pain.

     I am writing this true account of our experience in the hope that others may also begin to realize how absolutely vital it is to understand demonic oppression and presence.  It is very real and very dark so any denial of these dark forces and principalities only increases their power and ability to afflict someone.  Do not think this is only Hollywood my friends.  Where do you think they got the idea?  Learn about demonic oppression by studying the gospels and see just how real and common they truly are.  Observe how Jesus and His disciples engaged them and what they did to battle them and cast them out.  Just don’t refuse to believe they exist because this is exactly how they remain in your life oppressing you. 

May the Peace and Grace of Jesus Christ be with you….


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