Richard Mathewson

My name is Richard Mathewson and I am simply a follower of Jesus Christ, I pursue His truth to the fullest extent of my ability. I am not content knowing about Him, I wish to know Him personally as we all should strive to do. I am using the internet to appeal to my fellow-men on a logical common level. I do not affiliate with any religious, denominational sect of Christianity apart from the original New Testament Church as described in the Bible, the infallible Word of God.

I am finishing my Bachelor’s of Science in Christian Ministry then on to my Master’s of Divinity and Doctorate’s in Theology.  My life has dramatically improved since allowing God to take over control.  Prior to my realization of my absolute need for God in my life, I was washed up and burnt out.  I had lost everything I ever worked to achieve in life and reached my rock-bottom.  I had been through over 11 surgeries resulting from injuries sustained from almost 6 years service in the United States Army which had taken quite a toll and I was feeling the sting of my service. 

It wasn’t until I realized I really needed an attitude adjustment and a life change that I began to pursue a greater truth.  I was quite a mess with nowhere to go and no one to go to.  You see friend, God is always available yet we continue to shelf Him day after day, year after year, barely even bringing Him up at the dinner table to bless our food.  Then, when something dramatic happens that snaps us out of our stupid reality, we suddenly understand our direct and immediate need for God in our lives.  We realize we are not as strong and brave as we once believed and admitting God is really necessary in our lives becomes our new reality.  Well, He became necessary to me real quick and it was at this point that I noticed something great begin to happen in my life.  I began to feel assured of something much bigger than my own fragile idea of security.  I began to understand how small and insignificant to the world I really was.  It was at this point that I truly understood what God means when He tells us He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The point I would like to make here is that when we really surrender our stubborn lives to God for His plan, we begin to experience a grander and much nobler life filled with purpose and challenge.  Our once seemingly huge problems begin to shrink in size, dwarfed by our own perception of the revealed greater truth of God, and all the drama begins to lift from our horizon clearing our lives of clutter and confusion.  It is at this point that we reach the realization of what the Bible calls “Christ-mindedness.”  Having this desire to seek this greater truth does not make us different from other people, rather it provides us a grounded and foundational purpose that offers hope and love.  We can navigate through every new day in truth and integrity and we can experience the glory of God in our formerly miserable and pathetic lives.  This greater truth is what we must strive to pursue in life without losing sight of our purpose instead of baseless, non-important material things that will perish with us.  If you strive to reach this place in your life, God will bless you in immeasurable ways you have never before imagined.  

If you are interested and believe, may God bless you today with the same truth and love He has blessed me with and may He use what I have written to give you a renewed interest in knowing Him deeper in your own personal relationship with Him.  Never stop moving forward in your own walk of faith and never compromise your faith.  Hold fast to all that is true and in time we will all reap the reward! 

Go to http://www.theologyoftruth.com to discover more truth from a biblically-based historically supported point of view.    


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